Domestic PC Repairs in Ipswich, and throughout Suffolk and Essex

Offering high-quality PC repairs in Ipswich and across Suffolk and Essex, we are experienced in dealing with virtually any computer problem you throw at us, whether it affects a desktop or laptop PC. We’ll ask a few questions to try and ascertain the problem and find an affordable solution. We can carry out repairs at our workshop or at your home or office. Just call us and we’ll discuss what option would be most suitable. Initial discussions are free. We also offer free diagnosis and free data recovery analysis. If the computer is irreparable, we won’t charge you. You won’t lose a thing by calling us but what might you lose if you don’t? Just ring us on 01473 222 337 or get in touch via our contact page to see what we can do for you.

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

Won’t switch on? Keeps crashing? Password won’t work? We’ll fix it. We can also sort out your cracked laptop screen, broken power supply, a wonky mouse, sticky keyboard, a temperamental internet connection, or revive a laptop after it’s drowned in coffee.

Tablet & Smartphone Repairs

How many times have you heard a friend say they’ve cracked their screen or – dropped their phone into the bath? It’s a bit of a hassle at best, and the potential loss of data at worst. We will do our best to repair your your tablet or smartphone and get it fighting fit and mobile in the shortest possible time.

Computer Upgrades

Don’t wait for it to break. If your hard drive is making crunching noises, everything’s frustratingly slow or your needs have changed, it might just take some extra memory, a new graphics card or a new hard drive to bring your PC or laptop right up to speed. Ask us for free advice.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Sadly, more and more viruses are slipping through the net and causing havoc. We’re always one step ahead so we can banish them from your computer and can prescribe simple measures to protect its future.

Data Recovery

Our data team can perform memory miracles. Your important work files, precious holiday photos and your entire music collection may not be lost forever.

New Computer Builds

You don’t have to buy a computer off the shelf and you don’t need to be a fully-fledged geek to buy a bespoke one. Tell us what you want your PC to do and we’ll build it. We promise it needn’t cost the earth.

Backup Advice

Don’t wait for it to crash and risk the effects on your blood pressure! We can show you how to backup your computer quickly and easily.

Broadband & Network Assistance

Having trouble getting online? We can sort out or set up your broadband, a shared network or improve your Wi-Fi signal.

Computer Tuition

Even if you use computers regularly, new operating systems and other software releases can flummox you. If you need help in getting to grips with Windows 8, the latest MS Office or other products, we can arrange tuition to get you back on track.

Depend on Us

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, Stour Computers is a friendly and affordable computer and laptop repair firm, with over 30 years experience. A firm adherent to the Computer Repair Net Code of Practice, Stour Computers is 100% honest, reliable and abides by the customer charter. You can depend on Stour Computer Services to carry out PC repairs in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk and Essex.