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How to increase the life of your PC or laptop computer

At Stour Computer Services, we have stacks of experience in carrying out desktop and laptop repairs, virus and spyware removal and even web hosting. Although we are based in Ipswich, our customers are from across the county including Felixstowe, Shotley, Sudbury, Aldeburgh, Newmarket and everywhere in between. In fact, it’s not unusual for us to cross borders and visit clients in Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. So don’t forget if you’re looking for top quality computer repair services but don’t want to come all the way in to Ipswich, there’s every chance that we can come to you and carry out repairs on site.

One company we’ve recently done some work for is Ipswich electrical appliance repair firm, TK Garnham...

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We are off to Milton Keynes for a seminar on cloud computing

It seems that business failures in East Anglia are at an all time low. This is great news for us and for the businesses we serve, but it’s also brilliant for everyone else as the figures can only mean that  the rest of the UK is doing pretty well. Even so, we can’t rest on our laurels which is why we’re off to Milton Keynes!

You’re probably aware that we already supply cloud services to many of our clients but there is so much to know about the cloud and the amazing possibilities it offers domestic and commercial users alike. We’re going to a seminar where we will be discovering more about Office 365, Microsoft SPLA, and stacks of other cloud solutions.

There’s no mention of whether we’ll be discussing Google Glass, which would be relevant considering that Google Glass can be us...

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It’s getting cloudy out there

We’ve been reading quite a bit about the cloud amongst other things. Secure data storage is an important area for us because Stour Computer provides cloud storage solutions as well as servers for those who prefer to keep their data on site. This raises an important question; are small business better off with servers or cloud storage? By a stroke of luck, we don’t have to carry out the research ourselves since the good folks at PC Pro have been asking the same question.

It seems that there are pros and cons for both solutions and a lot depends on how you want to use your data. For instance, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College has switched to the cloud as a means of delivering education beyond the classroom...

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Worried about the Heartbleed bug? Call Stour Computers Ipswich

We’ve been busy here at Stour HQ in Ipswich, what with Szymon our apprentice being away on holiday and a never-ending stream of customers turning up for laptop repairs, virus removal and even a few people requesting custom-built PCs. It’s nothing more than we can handle, of course, and it’s great to think that so many people find us honest, fast, and reliable. We’ve also recently had some enquiries about building websites, so we’ll let you see them when they’re done.

Talking of websites, have you been reading about the Heartbleed bug? It’s quite possibly the most dangerous thing to hit the internet ever and it’s important to know whether it affects you and what to do about it if it does. We can help you if you you’re unsure but there’s a great piece in ExtremeTech tha...

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Success, growth, and the Windows 8 start menu

It’s that time again when we at Stour Computers take a break from laptop repairs, spyware removal, and the whole serious business of maintaining your PCs and networks, to have a bit of a look at what’s going on in the world around us.

As a small business, we love to see businesses of a similar size doing well. After all, so many of our clients are small businesses and similarly, many of our suppliers also fall under the SME category. Though not a client of ours, we were delighted to see that local business 1 Accounts Online has been awarded for its hard work. Using the cloud to deliver online accounting services, Paul Donno of 1 Accounts Online has been named by Sage as Online Provider of the Year.

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, it’s hardly surprising that business...

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