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We are now suppliers of the latest Intel NUC PC’s

We are proud to announce that we are now suppliers of the latest Intel NUC Small Form Factor PCs.

The Intel NUC PC has multiple advantages over standard full sized desktop PCs. Apart from being so tiny that it is barely noticeable, it is also quiet and the design is pure simplicity. It is perfect if you’re looking for a front-room system, an always-on server or a basic office desktop.

Whatever your needs, you can rely on Stour Computer Services to help you select your ideal specification.

Why not contact us for further details?

  • Small Form Factor

Measuring just 4×4 inches, this pint-sized powerhouse can fit almost everywhere.

  • Low power Consumption

With a power supply rated at 75% less wattage than an average full size desktop

  • VESA Mounting Bracket

Just mount it to the ba...

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Microsoft Office once had an unquestioned stranglehold on the world of productivity suites and programs. However, recent software developments have given rise to a slew of office suites that fall outside Microsoft’s banner, many of which offer convenient functionality designed to go beyond the basic editing and formatting afforded by company’s premium suite and free-for-all offering (aka Office Online). For instance, the latter still lacks some advanced features such as Mail Merge and Pivot Tables despite touting many of the same featuring comprising Microsoft’s more expansive package.

Fortunately, there’s a multitude of capable alternatives available for Windows and Mac OS X, whether you’re looking for a quick means to spell check the copy on your resume or string together compl...

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Owning the inbox

How quickly does the unread messages counter on your email app icon go up? How many messages hide in your inbox, only discovered months after their usefulness has passed.

Dealing with a never-ending influx of business emails is a well-know headache in organisations, and can rapidly become a drain on people’s times and efficiency. Every minute spent sifting for the right email is a minute not replying to important messages or completing other work.

Owning the inbox

Controlling the flow of email helps everyone communicate more effectively. These tips will help to improve your organisation’s email working patterns. Not all the suggestions are suitable for every company, but all businesses can benefit from some of the advice.

Boost spam filtering

Once an email address is online, such as on yo...

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The FREAK Security Flaw

A major flaw in web encryption was disclosed earlier this week. Dubbed the FREAK flaw, the vulnerability has been around for more than a decade, affecting the security of your Android and Apple devices and their built-in browsers.

Here’s everything you need to know about the FREAK flaw…what it is, how it affects you, and how to protect yourself from it.

What is the FREAK flaw?

According to, “The vulnerability allows attackers to intercept HTTPS connections between vulnerable clients and servers and force them to use ‘export-grade’ cryptography, which can then be decrypted or altered.”

Plainly, there’s a flaw in the way your browser connects you to a site, and that flaw allows an attacker to intercept and alter communications between you and that site.

Are yo...

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Laptop or desktop PC. A buyer’s guide.

At Stour Computer Services, we spend much of our time undertaking computer repairs in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk, for home users and business users. But we also provide a computer retail service for people who wish to buy laptops, desktop PCs, and computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, and scanners. If you want to purchase a computer, the first thing to do is decide what you want. While a laptop offers great portability, a desktop gives you more performance. A tablet is also hugely portable but does not offer desktop applications and provides less space. We’ve put together a guide to help you decide on the most appropriate device for your needs.

Why buy a desktop?

  • Increased performance.
  • Ideal for sharing with the family.
  • Central feature of a comfortable home office...
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