We are now suppliers of the latest Intel NUC PC’s

We are proud to announce that we are now suppliers of the latest Intel NUC Small Form Factor PCs.


The Intel NUC PC has multiple advantages over standard full sized desktop PCs. Apart from being so tiny that it is barely noticeable, it is also quiet and the design is pure simplicity. It is perfect if you’re looking for a front-room system, an always-on server or a basic office desktop.


Whatever your needs, you can rely on Stour Computer Services to help you select your ideal specification.


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  • Small Form Factor

Measuring just 4×4 inches, this pint-sized powerhouse can fit almost everywhere.


  • Low power Consumption

With a power supply rated at 75% less wattage than an average full size desktop


  • VESA Mounting Bracket

Just mount it to the back of the monitor for your own upgradeable All-in-One PC.


  • Scalable Performance

Available in different levels of performance from entry level to high-end.


  • VPro Functionality

For improved productivity, manageability and security


  • Multiple Display Support

Because everyone knows that three displays are always better than one


  • Versatility

With models ranging from Atom to Core based processors, the options are almost limitless


  • Powerful Visuals

Get the vibrant display you have been searching for with the Intel HD Graphics